About the Berkeley Haas Social Venture Fund

Launched in Spring of 2018 as an Institute of Business and Social Impact initiative by IBSI Fellow and Professional Faculty member Jorge Calderon, the Berkeley Haas Social Venture Fund Initiative (BH SVF) is a funding and advisor resource for current Berkeley student social venture startups.  Led by a Managing Council and MBA candidate Portfolio Fellows, BH SVF has multiple objectives: 

  • Continue developing impactful leaders by helping student founded social ventures progress and flourish
  • Give Haas graduate students a unique hands-on Impact Investing learning opportunity as Portfolio Fellows
  • Provide Berkeley alums with multiple engagement opportunities with students, faculty and the University either as expert advisors and/or donors

Capital Partners

The funding BH SVF provides student social ventures, comes from donor pools and individuals who have a strong interest in supporting social entrepreneurship at Berkeley.  For 2018, the Berkeley Haas Social Venture Fund is proud to be partnering with the Sanaya Shah Memorial Fund, a donor pool established by the members of the EMBA Class of 2017 to honor the memory of Sanaya Shah, the daughter of their fellow classmate Sumit Shah and his wife, Astha Shah.  The Sanaya Fund engages with BH SVF through a steering committee (Kevin Blake, Sumit Shah, Tina Summers, Michael Ouchida) and generously offers their time to provide guidance to active social venture students.


Berkeley student social ventures may receive up to $5,000 in non-dilutive capital per team.

Consideration for funding is rolling and open throughout the school calendar.  Student start-ups interested in funding should initially complete this online form:  https://goo.gl/KfDzyX

**We also welcome direct referrals and introductions from partner organizations, staff, faculty and students.

General Criteria for Spring 2019 Financial Awards consideration:

  • Team must have at least one enrolled Berkeley student founder (any department/unit and either undergrad or grad)
  • Two or more active team members
  • An “Intentional” Social Venture that is addressing a big urgent problem (anywhere in the world, including US)
  • Has reached the problem-solution or product-market fit stage and would like to use funds for prototype development and experimentation
  • Has already developed a legal entity or in the process of doing so
  • Either for-profit or non-profit (ideally with sustainable revenue models) are ok

Additional Resources

Student social ventures that are awarded funding, will also receive:

  • Coaching for 3 months
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) Credit
  • Access to our BH SVF Expert Network
  • Access to workspace
  • Office hours support through Portfolio Fellows, Council, & Expert Network

Berkeley Social Ventures who may not need funding or do not meet current requirements may also be considered for our Resource-only Award that grants the following resources:

  • Access to our BH SVF Expert Network
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) Credit
  • Access to weekly workspace (Tuesday from 6-10 pm Haas)
  • Office hours support through Portfolio Fellows, Council, & Expert Network

Impact Areas

We categorize Social Ventures using the following broad Impact theme taxonomy:

  • Food, Water & Health
  • Environment & Energy
  • Education & Workforce
  • Financial Services & Housing

Managing Council

The Managing Council is responsible for BH SVF overall.  Its members provide formal guidance to MBA Portfolio Fellows, establishes and maintains partnerships with donor pools, nurtures the Expert Network, and also provide direct coaching to Berkeley student led social ventures.  The Managing Council is made up of faculty and social impact experts.

Jorge Calderon

Jorge Calderon

Founder and Chair

Julia Sze

Managing Council

Sara Beckman

Managing Council

Portfolio Fellows

Our core team includes graduate students who participate in advising, sourcing, diligence and operations activities.  Portfolio Fellows are provided course credit through an an independent study that supports MBA students interested in learning more about impact investing, grantmaking and social entrepreneurship.  As part of the independent study, students engage in self-directed research and experiential activities that mirror traditional investing and grantmaking processes.

Jessie Tang

Jessie Tang

Senior Fellow; Financial Services & Housing
Sam Roth

Sam Roth

Senior Fellow, Special Initiatives
Maggie Fried

Maggie Fried

Senior Fellow, Head of Resources
Stephanie Solove_Headshot

Stephanie Solove

Senior Fellow, Head of Scouts Team

Kristine Leary

Portfolio Fellow; Environment & Energy

Arpan Soparkar

Portfolio Fellow; Food, Water and Health

Rachel Wang

Portfolio Fellow; Education & Workforce

BH SVF Awardees

Financial Awardees

Awardee:  Pedi-Ed


Founders & Key Team Members

Ahaana Singh (Co-Founder/Berkeley, Sr.), Caroline McGuire (Co-Founder/Berkeley, Sr.), Adam Deangelo (Co-Founder/BU, Jr.), Josie Lee (Bus. Development/Berkeley, Jr.)


Pedi-Ed improves overall pediatric patient outcomes by developing and distributing age appropriate videos (and other future content mediums) that explain a diagnosis or procedure to young patients and their families.

Addressable Problem

Young patients, and their families, who receive a severe health (complicated) diagnoses experience fear and are not well informed about their condition or treatments. This is especially true for underrepresented and low income segments. Research suggests that negative emotions (outlook) and misunderstanding/poor information can contribute to poor outcomes.  According to a 2010 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, chronic illnesses in children doubled from 12.8 percent in 1994 to 26.6 percent in 2006, with low-income, racial and ethnic minority children being disproportionately affected.

Current Solution

Provide young patients with age appropriate video content that explains a diagnosis, procedure or treatment. Current videos starring characters Afi and Zozo are specific to heart conditions.

Theory of Change

By making pediatric health education and information easy to understand and accessible to patients, families and doctors, patients will have a more positive outlook, parents will be able to make more informed decisions, patients and parents will be more likely to follow doctor advise, thus improving the patient experience and ultimately their outcome.

Awardee:  Trash to Tiles

Resource Awardees

Haven Health

81 Cents




Thrive Education

Trash to Tiles (previous)



Our work wouldn’t be possible without great partners within and outside the University.  We are happy to have mutually supportive relationships with the following groups: